To gain respect, you need self-respect. Here’s how to start building yours!

Tash Pieterse
5 min readNov 12, 2020
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

You want and desire people to respect you, love and care for you, right?!


How much do you respect, love and care for yourself?

Let that question really sink in. Think deeply and answer honestly. How much DO YOU respect YOURSELF?

I shared this at one of my Mindful Monday workshops. So many of the challenges the women were experiencing at the moment like stress, overwhelm, confusion, anxiety, worry, etc can all in some way be linked back to our own lack of self-respect.

What does self-respect mean?

“Self-respect is defined as holding yourself in high regard, living aligned to your own values and believing that you are good and worthy enough of being treated well.”

How can a lack of self-respect manifest itself?

  • giving up our time easily for other people, especially when we want to use that time for something for ourselves
  • not following through on our ideas or desires, but quickly and easily helping others with theirs
  • allowing someone to treat us unfairly, disrespectfully, or any way that challenges/ignores our values — this can be our partner, friends, family, boss, etc.



Tash Pieterse

Tash Pieterse is an Internationally Certified Life & Mindset Coach helping busy ambitious professionals have success without the stress.