The #1 thing that will bring you more freedom and energy

Tash Pieterse
4 min readNov 19, 2020
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Accepting you can’t do it all 🙃

Yeap, simple and powerful. Accept that you can’t do it all.

I say simple, yet it’s not easy. The biggest reason you’re tired, overwhelmed, anxious is because you’re trying to do it all.

Truth is, the work will never stop. The list will never end. As soon as you finish or tick off one, another something will jump straight on (I do note this might also induce anxiety…🙃😕 but remember what I just said)

This has been a message I’ve shared with so many clients recently.

Accepting you can’t do it all and INSTEAD focus on what you REALISTICALLY CAN and WANT to do, will honestly set you free and revive your energy in more ways than you might realise.

You’re thinking, yea cool Tash, but HOW?!

1️⃣ Take stock of everything you’re trying to do and get done

Unless you have a clear idea of everything on your plate, you’re not going to be able to look at it and decide what is actually necessary and important. You’re going to keep adding to a list that is already out of balance with capacity.

2️⃣ Go through the list and strike out EVERYTHING that just really isn’t a necessity

BE HARSH HERE!!! Honestly, what ACTUALLY needs to get done? What is really a necessity? This is likely something you need to talk through with your manager, partner/husband/wife, family to understand what really is important and what can be struck out.

note: I would recommend also getting an agreed definition on what’s ‘important’ and ‘urgent’ so that it’s actually accurate and everyone agrees.

3️⃣ Communicate with those involved what you have capacity for

If you don’t tell people what you have the capacity for and what you don’t, they will keep asking you to do more and more. People will always overstep a boundary that they don’t know is there. It’s your responsibility to outline that boundary and communicate it, so people know what they can and can’t ask for right now.

4️⃣ Put in place boundaries to manage your energy

Like the previous step, boundaries are necessary to ensure you keep your energy in and that you have enough of it to get through what you need to do. Boundaries can look like:

  • No work emails after 6:30pm or on the weekends (unless explicitly agreed to for a specific reason)
  • Taking a full 30–60min lunch break to reset and re-energise
  • Turning off ALL work notifications for 60–90min blocks to complete important and focused work
  • Turning technology off 30–60mins before bedtime to help your melatonin levels and sleep
  • Saying No to anything that impedes on time for your self-care

5️⃣ Remind yourself when guilt or “shoulds” creep in “I can only do my best on what I have energy for and I can’t do it all”

The truth is, you really can’t do it all and trying to is more about our ego and being “seen as good enough” rather than respecting yourself and acknowledging what is actually realistic for you to do.

2020 has been a sh*t show, let’s face it. We don’t need more burnt out and tired people trying to do it all, when half of it isn’t actually important or necessary.

To close, because we all get sucked into fear based thinking (thank you human brain), ask yourself the question below and then truthfully answer. Keep your brain in check and you’ll be on your way to more freedom, energy, peace and TIME!

When fear starts creeping in, ask yourself:

“What is the WORST thing that can happen if I don’t do X, Y, or Z?”

Be honest. Don’t get sucked into shoulds and guilt. We ain’t got time for that 🙅🏻‍♀️

Let me know what you think and what you’re letting go so you can move through the rest of 2020 with a bit more freedom, energy, and time.

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Tash Pieterse is a certified coach helping and empowering ambitious professionals to open the door to success without the stress. She guides them to build confidence, take courageous action, love their work, and confidently thrive in life! With a 10 year background in HR she’s seen it all and brings her knowledge, understanding and tools to all of her coaching. To find out more about Tash head to or reach out for a free clarity call to learn more about working together. You can also sign up to her Monday Top Up letters. Monthly top ups to inspire and guide you to confidently thrive in your life. Sign up here.



Tash Pieterse

Tash Pieterse is an Internationally Certified Life & Mindset Coach helping busy ambitious professionals have success without the stress.